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About Logo Design Pros

Why should I choose Logo Design Pros to create a custom logo?

Logo Design Pros is the most premium design service online. Whether it is quality, affordability, or efficiency, you will find Logo Design Pros second to none in all the areas of logo designing. Click here to view our comparison chart and see for yourself who is giving you more for less.

Why do I need a logo?

A logo is an integral part of your business image. Your business image, and particularly your logo, has invariably much to do with how your customers think and feel about your business. A unique and professional logo will greatly help your customers distinguish your products and services and also help attract more clients towards it.

A professionally designed logo also leaves an everlasting impression on viewers and helps people remember you through your logo.

Will all the work be handled via the Internet?

Yes. At Logo Design Pros, almost all interaction of design process occurs via the Internet. All the projects start online and the concepts are displayed on the dedicated 'Account Area' of clients. Once finalized, the final design is also available on 'Account Area' to download. Logo design specialists are also available via online chat, e-mail, and by toll free phone at 866-455-LOGO.

What if I am not satisfied with the work?

We are confident that our professional design team at Logo Design Pros will go beyond your expectations. You can ask us for revisions in your designs as many times as you want. However, if you are not satisfied with our work, we will refund your payment without any service charges deductions. Our unconditional money-back guarantee is just a testament to the confidence we have in the quality of our service.

About the Packages and Pricing

How much does it cost to have a custom logo and/or business stationery designed?

We offer 6 distinctive packages for you to choose from, according to your specific requirements.

Startup Business Package
$198 (4 logo concepts by 2 designers within 2-3 days)

Professional Package
$298 (6 logo concepts by 4 designers within 2-3 days)

Comprehensive Elite Package
$498 (10 logo concepts by 6 designers within 2-3 days)

Professional Package Plus
$385 (6 logo concepts and 2 stationery layouts (business card, letterhead, envelop) by 4 designers within 2-3 days)

Comprehensive Elite Package Plus
$585 (10 logo concepts and 3 stationery layouts (business card, letterhead, envelop) by 6 designers within 2-3 days)

Redesign Package
$149 (1 logo concept redesigned by 1 designer in 2-3 days)

Which package should I choose?

Selection of package depends on several factors including time available, your budget, your preferences, etc.

If you want more variety of concepts, then you should select Comprehensive Elite Package. You will have 10 logo concepts that would be created by a design team of 6 designers.

If you have a tighter budget, then Startup Business Package or Professional Package might be a better option.

No matter which package you choose, you will find the same level of quality that you have come to expect from Logo Design Pros.

Which payment methods do you accept?

At Logo Design Pros, you can make payment by using your Pay Pal Account or credit card. We accept all the major credit cards: Visa, Master Card, Discover, and Diners Club. Click here to view the details about the security of your personal and credit card information..

How safe is it to buy from your website?

Completely safe and secure. We do not store any financial information (such as credit card numbers or Pay Pal Account details) on our servers. Furthermore, our site and servers have earned the industry-standard "Truste" certificate which is displayed on our home page, confirming the safety of conducting business with our site.

About the Process

When do you start working on my order?

As soon we receive your logo request, we start working on it.

Do I need to specify several things at the time of ordering?

Our simple and easy order form answers most of the questions for you. However, there is a section on the order form 'Additional Comments' that allows you to give us any additional information. Through this area you can make your requests for any file types, or anything you consider essential for your logo. If you do get into trouble filling it out, we are only a click away to provide you with all the support you need.

How long will it take to create the initial samples of my logo?

You will receive your initial samples within 2-3 days after which you can ask us for unlimited revisions or color options.

How can I view the design samples of my logo?

Once you place an order, we will create a dedicated 'Account Area', from where you can view all the design samples of your logo.

How many times can I ask you to revise my logo?

As many times as you want. We will keep revising your logo until you are 100% satisfied.

How long will it take to revise my logo?

All revisions take a maximum of 24-48 hours to be processed.

What do you mean by multiple designers working on a project?

Your logo is worked upon by professional design teams which are led by their respective creative managers. These creative managers, along with their teams of skilled designers and visualizers, develop high-quality and eye-catching logo options.

What if I don't like any of the initial logo designs?

If you have placed an order for Package 3 or Package 5, and you don't like any of the initial logo designs, we will present entirely new concepts created by different design teams to you.

What if I have my own idea for the logo design?

You can mention any idea that you may have about your logo design in your logo request. We will incorporate your ideas into your logo design.

Can you redo my existing logo design?

Yes. With our 'Redesign Package' we give your logo a better look while retaining its basic elements. For this you have to provide us with the latest version of your logo design.

Do you make logo design for products, titles, or names?

Yes, we create any type of graphic identity.

How will I be able to use my logo?

We will post your original artwork on your dedicated 'Account Area' on our website where you will be able to download it. In addition, you can also get the final files of logo through CD-ROM by paying some additional charges.

Can I get my logo in print file format?

Of course, yes. We provide the final files of your logo in all the major file formats including web and print (vector) formats.

About money-back guarantee

When can I get a refund?

Our 100% money-back guarantee is applicable on all orders that have not been finalized/ delivered.

Will you deduct any service charges from my payment?

Absolutely not. Our money-back guarantee is unconditional and is provided without any service charges deductions.

Miscellaneous Questions

What does Rush Delivery mean?

Rush Delivery means that by paying an additional $100, you can get the initial concepts of your logo within one business day of the order being placed. Rush Delivery does not apply to revisions of any kind or to Additional Design Services.

Will I own the complete rights on my logo?

Yes. The rights on the logo chosen are given to the client while rights on the samples remain with Logo Design Pros.

Logo Design Pros does not retain any rights on the finalized logo once it has been delivered. You may submit a request to Logo Design Pros if you do not want your logo to be displayed on our Portfolio.

What additional design services do you offer?

The creative design teams at Logo Design Pros also have an expertise in designing professional and customized additional design services such as:

- Stationery Design (Letterhead, business card, envelop)

- Website Design

- Banner Design

- Animated Logo Design

These professionally designed additional services can further enhance your corporate image.

Who can I talk to if I have additional questions?

You can contact us directly by clicking here.

Or you can e-mail us at .

For a Live chat with our representative click here or call to speak to our representative.

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