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Script writing, Storyboarding, Voiceover & Animation;
We do it all to Create Highly Interactive Custom Animated Videos

You can witness the most intelligently created animated videos in our portfolio. Highly relevant script, creative storyboarding, catchy voice-over and perfectly sync animation − we follow a streamlined process, portray a strong image of businesses and deliver everything with perfection.

  Recent Animated Videos

  • Milque offers consultancy services to businesses. While the nature of the business seems common, the concept behind its name is unique. The word Milque is taken from 'Milk', referring to the fact that the organization gives strength to businesses.


    When your competitors are fierce and the market is saturated, you need an edge to ensure you grab customers' attention well. Fridge On Wheels is one such business that required a creative edge to connect with its online users

    Fridge on Wheels

    Having a completely unique business model, SeatAdvance's video had to be as distinct and at the same time instructive enough to connect with customers. Logo Design Pros came up with the idea of developing a 'retro comic book themed' video to ensure it stands out among the rest.


    4Shopacase is an organization that provides solutions to insurance agents. To ensure their custom animated video was in line with their business' theme, Logo Design Pros developed a professional yet creative one


    Logo Design Pros has once again proven its mettle by creating a never-seen-before Victorian style animated video for Peribology; a branch of science that deals with studying the connectivity of human emotions with objects, flowers, gems and stones.


    EC2Deal is a platform for sellers of all sizes; from medium to small to even well-established brands. EC2Deal offers businesses the chance to touch base with buyers through a well organized and marketed platform.


  • Enterprise Software Packaging animated video is an effective explanation of how ESP helps streamlining the software needs of an organization.


    Logo Design Pros portfolio has another creative & high quality custom animated video addition. The video highlights the benefits of green incinerators in terms of cost & quality of service.


    Logo Design Pros created a custom animated video for Expo Expert -- the mobile app helping businessmen to store, share, analyze data & estimate profit.

    Expo Expert

    We have created an animated video for Bidacuda -- social shopping & auction website.


    WebCraftive can enable and empower you to update, maintain & manage your website content from anywhere and anytime you want. All you would need is internet access. It's as simple as using Microsoft Word, or writing an email to a friend.


    "Great work! From script to animation, everything was wonderfully done. We enjoyed the whole process."

    Aliana Joe
    Dot Fortune

  • The video highlights the services being offered by Ambulance Cars in a highly innovative manner, giving a creative edge to it. It starts with defining the business’ objectives and its target audience. To keep the crisp alive, the video swiftly switches to the services being offered by Ambulance Cars and how the business is different from its competitors

    Ambulance Cars

    The video functions as an extremely powerful tool for Auto Go Mobile, listing its features and benefits in a very explanatory manner for customers.

    Auto Go Mobile, LLC.

    The promotional video is crisp and to the point, offering insight to the various benefits being offered by House Automation. From ease of usage to customization, all benefits are covered in a precise manner to keep the video comprehensive.

    Home Automation

    Enterprise Software Packaging animated video is an effective explanation of how ESP helps streamlining the software needs of an organization.

    Enterprise Software Packaging

    I just received the Onsite grid animation and i am very impressed again. looks good thanks!

    Clayton Eigenmann
    Remote Grid

    I love all my projects created with LOGO DESIGN PRO team. Great Job!

    Dominique Nicole
    Strung Up

  • Online Payroll Centre offers customizable payroll software for small businesses. The custom animated video elaborates the importance and benefits of the customized solution by Online Payroll Centre. The brand identity has been maintained in the video through a defined color scheme.

    I just watched the video animation and it is great! I am very excited of how the animation turned out.

    Clayton Eigenmann
    Onsite Grid

    I have seen the video it is great Thank you so much for your great support And this animated video will be in my website And my website youtube

    Mohammad ALAbed
    Sales Geo

    "You provided outstanding designs and support for our logos, website, and animated video". Time and again you have demonstrated your commitment to deliver the best product and customer service. During the entire project you conducted in-depth analysis about our company's mission, target market, competitors and industry trends before crafting a unique product for our business. You were always willingly to accept our feedback and suggestions to help improve any areas that need improvement. The staff was courteous, professional, and eager to get to work. I would definitely recommend you to any business that is setting up a new website, or designing company stationary. Thank you Logo Design Pros! PINGSWEEP TECHNOLOGY, INC. "Home of IronCloth - The most secure mobile user business device."

    "The animations are exactly what we were looking for. We loved the character that your team has specifically designed for our brand. With that character, Appostrophic now has a unique identity in the world of animations. Thank you Logo Design Pros. We'll surely contact you for our future projects."
    Ron Edward

Web Development Animated Video

Latest Article

Simplifying Business Processes through Customized Animated Videos

Organizations intend to simplify their business processes for their customers through interactive corporate websites. However, there are some that complicate their business processes because of large amount of information and data presented. Those websites which complicate business processes are unable to attract a large number of customers. This all depends on the website design and the manner of presenting information. Animated videos are abundantly used by organizations to make customers easily understand their business processes.

Many B2B and B2C websites are left unnoticed by actual customers. The most important thing to consider for a B2B or B2C website design is that it should be equally attractive for both buyers and sellers. There are a number of things to be considered, most importantly B2B or B2C websites contain so much information that it becomes very difficult for viewers to extract out their desired information. Another problem with such websites is that these sites are supposed to be informative which becomes boring for the target audience. Whenever a viewer visits a B2B website he is bombarded with a lot of information or a lot of text to read. To make these sites more interactive there’s a lot of room for improvement. The first thing to do is to introduce custom animated videos on the website for product description instead of textual representation.

Logo Design Pros have some of the best animators in the industry to design custom animated videos for your business. Unlike other animated video makers in the industry, Logo Design Pros offers exclusive and fully customized animated video service for your corporate website to attract target audience and retain your existing customers. We follow four processes for crafting your personalized animated videos.

Script Writing
Experienced and trained content writers devise a script for custom animated videos pertinent to your brief. It is subject to revisions and we believe in amending it until you are satisfied. This provides an infrastructure for your animated video.

Story Boarding
Our story board team prepares a completely refined story board for custom animated videos. We believe in portraying the right image of your business in front of your customers which improves the credibility of your brand

To create a sound brand image and a persuasive video, we have got professional voice-over artists on our panel. Our voice-overs are clear, loud and exhibit a convincing style to create a lasting impression on the mind of your customers.

Once we are done with script, storyboard and voice-over; our animators then execute everything with perfection. This animated video will help clarify your business processes and assist customers through the purchase process.

A number of organizations place animated video on their websites to define their business processes. This helps the viewers to easily understand the purchase process. Animated videos simplify the entire buying process to the customers, right from placing the order to delivering the product or services. We provide creative and interactive animated videos.


Animated Videos "After spending a lot of time over animated video design services, my patience was crossing the limit. Some animated video design service executives were not able to understand the exact requirement, your team was so supportive and you offered the best service! 5 star rating..."

Samantha Davies, Pennsylvania

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